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Skin Editor for Minecraft features🛠

The Skin Editor for Minecraft has a variety of features and functions. Here is a brief introduction to them.


Several features have been added to make it easier to create your ideal skin💪

  • It's easy to zoom in and out for detailed writing!
  • Customization of overlayer is also supported.
  • It is possible to create each part individually.
    • For example, on a small screen like a smartphone, it is easier to concentrate on creating each part individually.
    • Of course, there is also a mode to create all the parts in a row.
  • The status is automatically saved.
  • If you make a mistake and delete a tab or reload it, don't worry🙆️.
    • The status will be saved in your browser.
      • If you're not sure, we recommend you to download the skin you're working on.
  • 3D preview is also available simply!

Importing 🧇

You can also import your own skins to customize it!

  • You can use the Import function to import your own skins!
  • You can also import images other than skins.
    • I don't know what kind of skin it will be🥰
  • Presets are provided
    • We have prepared ready-to-use presets!
    • You can customize them based on the presets.
    • More presets will be added soon!💪

Why 2D instead of 3D ?🤔

I know of several apps for creating Minecraft skins, but they all involved painting colors on a 3D skin.
I found it intuitive and easy to understand, but I found it difficult to paint. So I came up with the idea that it would be easier to make an exploded view and paint on a flat surface.
This is the reason why I created this application.

For that reason...

Please try to play !! 🙆️

Skin Editor for Minecraft