Tips#4 Kimono girl

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This is the fourth in a series of articles on simple structure and key points that you can refer to when creating your own skins💪
You can download the actual skin at the bottom of the page if you like it 💅
Of course, you can also import this skin into Minecraft Skin Editor 2D and customize it 🤖.

Kimono girl

This time it is a skin of a woman in a kimono.
As you can see from my recent posts, I'm not very good at making skins, so I asked my wife to make one for me.
She did, and it turned out to be a wonderful skin with a Japanese summer feel😍

Kimono girl in the world(front) Kimono girl in the world(back) Kimono girl in the world(up)


The configuration of the skin looks like the following.

  • To make it easier to understand, the over layer image hides the under layer, but as of now (July 28, 2021), the Minecraft Skin Editor 2D does not provide the ability to hide the under layer when editing the over layer 🙇‍♂️
    (Will be implemented soon💪)


It is expressed only with an under layer.
Highlighting with the same color but a little brighter gives a 3D effect.
For the hair, She used the body skin as well.

head skin


The obi is very ingenious😲
The pattern of the obi is expressed by using the same color as the base, and the knot of the obi is drawn on the over layer. The ribbon is drawn three-dimensionally in the same colors.
The use of similar colors and shading seems to be a key point in creating skins.

left: under layer
right: over layer

body and arms skin


The colors are arranged in a gradation starting from the bright color at the end of the sleeve. The skin is also given a natural hue by using several subtly different colors.

left: under layer
right: under layer

arms skin


The same device is used for the legs and arms.
The uniformity of the pattern throughout the kimono is very beautiful 💌.

left: under layer
right: under layer

legs skin

Kimono girl

Here are the skins I created this time🙆️♂.
My wife made it, though 😅.

Please try to finish a good skin based on this!
And if you have any skins you'd like to share, please let me know🙏.


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